Dataxia started out with an aim to streamlining the IT of your organisation.Since inception, our focus is to develop the services we provide to cope up with diverse requirements of our clients and thus meet their expectation. By providing a top-notch consultancy and professional IT support on a timely and consistent manner, we seek to strengthen your strategic business plan.From a team of fresh IT graduates, we have evolved into a team of expert certified professionals. Over the years, we have developed the most required infrastructure to offer you a complete and flexible solution.Dataxia strives for a customer-focussed philosophy that boasts of “Excellence” in each and every step of their deliverables.

Revolutionizing IT for Excellence

We provide exceptional value to our clients by tailoring services to their needs and offering professional after sales support. We help our partners enhance their performance and productivity and at the same time we make sure our solutions are cost-effective and flexible. Dataxia offers advanced technical expertise while focusing on customer service and building long-term relationships with our collaborators.